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Wholesale Coffee Services


Wholesale Coffee Services

Unrivaled Roasting Co. offers a variety of coffee and espresso services to businesses in Montana and beyond. From direct delivery, equipment service, and training to private label coffee, we’ll work with you to make it easy to serve and sell ethically-sourced, locally-roasted coffee. With our above-and-beyond customer service, we serve hotels, restaurants, coffee shops, grocery stores, offices, hospitals, and more.

COffee + Espresso

Delivery Service

Unrivaled Roasting Co. coffee and espresso can be delivered wherever you are. We have route delivery to all major population centers in Montana and work with other carriers to provide our coffee elsewhere in the country. Based on your needs for wholesale or retail, we’ll develop a delivery schedule with you to make sure you never go without fresh coffee and espresso. We’ll also make sure you’re stocked with extras like cups, lids, sugar, creamer and more.


Equipment Service

No coffee equipment of your own? No problem. Unrivaled Roasting Co. can provide you with the coffee and espresso machines you need. You’ll have the option of leasing equipment from us or buying the equipment at a discounted price through our network of manufacturers. Regardless of what equipment you use, we’re happy to service your coffee equipment for you. It’s another way we provide supportive customer service to our wholesale partners.

Privation Label

White Label COffee Service

Whether you want to sell your own branded whole bean coffee or simply impress your clients with customized corporate gifts, Unrivaled Roasting Co.’s private label and white label coffee services can help you create a one-of-a-kind product. Select from our line of coffees to package in a bag with your logo, or take it step further and request a custom blend that’s unique to you. Share your vision with us, and we’ll do our best to make it a reality.


Training Service

Not everyone is a professional barista, but with a little training, anyone can work a coffee or espresso machine like a pro. With our coffee training service, our gurus will come to you and teach your staff how to expertly operate your coffee equipment.

Our Clients Include...

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Coffee shop

COffee Shops

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Gift ShOps

Health care sm

Health Care

Assisted living

Assisted Living

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Convenience Stores



Grocery store

Grocery Stores

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Fishing Lodges

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Dude Ranches


Glamping Camps

Curate blends

Why ChOose Unrivaled

Building relationships with our customers is a core value of our company. When you call our office you will always be greeted by one of our caring customer service people. Any of Unrivaled customer service can help you place orders, and answer any questions or concerns.


Our Dedicated Experts

With over 40 years of experience in the coffee industry, we have honed our expertise to deliver exceptional beans and service. Our mission is simple: to provide businesses with the freshest, most delicious coffee available. When you purchase Unrivaled, you gain access to premium coffee roast.


We do not lease espresso machines, but we are able to offer our customer deeply discounted price breaks.

If we provide equipment to you, minimums are based off the equipment package provided. If you own your own equipment, we have no minimums. Minimums on our Private Label service is 48-12oz. bags, or 8-5# bags.

Unfortunately, we are currently only able to offer service to our current coffee customers.


Explore our carefully curated selection of trusted brands, each delivering unparalleled quality. Elevate your mornings with us and discover the perfection that awaits.

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